Svcd to dvd using vcdgear

I have a cd with a video on it

It has

EXT folder with scandat2.dat file +scandata.dat
PICTURES folder = empty
SVCD folder with search.dat file +5 svd files
Mpeg2 Folder with avseq01.mpg
Segment folder = empty

I have downloaded vcdgear and need an idiots guide as to how to
convert this video to a file I can then burn to dvd

Mpeg2 Folder with avseq01.mpg
…is the movie.
Copy it to hdd, then transcode/author your dvd.

Consider using SVCD2DVD. It will automatically extract the movie and the convert it to dvd for you. It’s not free but it’s WELL worth the money. If you don’t want to try the program use vcdgear to extract to a mpg and then convert it.

Sorry Not clear from your reply which file is the Movie

The movie is the .dat file.

I agree with sikoone, SVCD2DVD is a good prog, I use it and was lucky enough to purchase when the 1$ deal was being offered…
For a free alternative try Super…it converts to just about anything… good luck!..