SVCD to DVD...try this, it works!

Got this from VCD\DVD helper site, mabye common knowledge, if it is, sorry for the waste of space :wink:

[b]Useing IFOEDIT 0.95 To Convert SVCD to DVD-R

Ifoedit can convert standard SVCD from it’s native 480x480 resolution and 44100 audio sampleing rate without any other programs. Ifoedit apparently makes no checks for DVD compliance and will automatically correct the headers for proper aspect ratio display and will author directly from the 44100 audio stream without re-sampleing. This example is for one SVCD but multipile SVCD’s could be joined into one large MPEG file,I would recommend DV Tool for the joining.

1.) Copy your SVCD .mpg to your HD.

2.) Demux into elementary .m2v and .mp2 streams. You could use Tmpeg for this.

3.) Rename the .mp2 stream to .mpa

3.) Start Ifoedit 0.95 and select DVD Author,then Author new DVD.

4.) Load the demuxed .m2v file into the video box.

5.) Load the demuxed .mpa file into the audio box.

6.) In the Output Stream Destination navigate to a VIDEO_TS directory on your HD.

7.) Click O.K. and Ifoedit will create the requiered ifo and vob files in your VIDEO_TS directory.

You can then burn to DVD-R with your favorite burning program. It will play in correct aspect ratio and the 44100 audio will play normally.
Most DVD players support Mpeg audio and should have no problem playing 44100 audio.
It’s always best to make a test on DVD-RW to be certain your DVD player will support this xDVD. [/b]

This does work, tried 3 SVCDs to DVD conversions and they all play fine in a number players I have tested on.

One thing I did change was the audio track, I ran it through AC3 machine to give a 100% compat AC3 soundtrack.

Thanks, but that has been posted here before. Not sure if it works though, never seen any positive feedback.

Originally posted by Active8
One thing I did change was the audio track, I ran it through AC3 machine to give a 100% compat AC3 soundtrack.

how did you do this if you don’t mind me asking, i’m probably what you would call a ‘novice’ :o and have no idea what that means or how to do it! what software did you use for this aswell?



The software is called “AC3 Machine”, its a GUI frontend for BeSweet. Just install both and its all pretty self explaned. Get them both from download section.

Thank you!!!, it did work for me :smiley:

Don’t forget dvdpatcher tool.