SVCD to DVD-R on player that only supports VCD

I have seen some other threads related to this, but most seem to be old or did not apply to my situation (or I am just not finding the right replies using search).

I have 2 SVCD’s that a friend created. I cannot play it on my tabletop Sonly DVD player (an older Player) because it apparently only supports VCD’s.

What I would like to do it convert the 2 SVCD’s to a single DVD-R so I can play the DVD on my TV.

I was able to successfully burn the 2 SVCD’s to one DVD-R on my own, but I am not happy with the results, so I need some help.

This is what I did… I copied the two .MPG files (from the two SVCD’s) to my hard drive and imported them into Sonic’s MyDVD (Deluxe Suite v6). I created a menu and set the DVD to Play All (so the second clip is automatically followed by the first clip.) The first problem I ran into was that the final DVD project when burned to a DVD folder was 6+ Gig (even though the .MPG files on the SVCD where around 700 Meg each.).

To be able to burn it to DVD, I had to run the project through DVDShrinker. Then I was able to burn the DVD, which does play on my Sony tabletop DVD player.

The problem is that the quality of the final DVD (played on the TV or Computer), compared to the Quality of the SCVD (played on my Computer) is greatly reduced. I am sure the quality was lost because of the transcoding MyDVD did, followed by the further transcoding and compression DVDShrinker did (somewhere around 63%).

So… Does anyone have a better solution, where I may be able to get a better quality final DVD? i.e. Use a different transcoder, etc?

Obviously, I would prefer to try and use freeware (or inexpensiveware) no matter how difficult.

Thanks in advance.


p.s. If there is already an answer out there, please provide the links.

Here is some basic Profile information:
Burner: Pioneer DVD-R/W 105
Tabletop: Sony DVD Player Model ? (around 4 years old).
Software on hand:

  • Sonic MyDVD Deluxe Suite v6
  • Roxio Easy Media Creator v7 (download)
  • DVD Shrinker

your quality was not the greatest to begin with (ie. svcd). you then further reduced the quality with dvd shrink. no surprise the picture quality sucks. the simple solution is to re-encode each individual svcd to an individual dvd. this should preserve the original quality of the svcd.

their are ways to get both to one dvd with good quality but it can become long and complicated. check afterdawn and doom9 for guides…

Use the header trick to fool your player into thinking they’re VCD without re-encoding.
Open tmpgenc, cancel the wizard.
Click File, mpeg tools.
On Simple Demux tab, open your svcd.
Demux it.
Open the Simple remux tab, open the m2v you just demuxed.
Remux, making sure that VCD is selected from the dropdown menu.
Burn the resulting file to cdr.
Alternatively, you can demux the vcd mpg from it’s .dat container in VCDGear, then load the mpg into DVDLab, author about 8 VCD’s to one DVDR, compile and burn.

I use dvdSanta ($30), its very good for this.
Just extract the mpg files, then import them both into dvdSanta, it wont have a menu, but will just play them in the order you put them in dvdSanta.

It will automaticly encode them to 1 DVD-R size.

Ben :slight_smile:

I thought I read somewhere that this suggestion only works if the DVD player already supports playing SVCD’s. My player can only play VCD’s.

Anyway, I think your instructions are only for VCD’s. The SVCD structure is completely different.

Am I wrong?

The trick fools your player into thinking they’re VCD.
You can use the trick the other way too, doesn’t matter.
Just remux into whatever format your player understands.
It works on lots of older players that cannot do SVCD.
Try it. Try a RW first, if you’re afraid of wasting a ¢10 disk :smiley: