SVCD to DVD, PAL to NTSC with nero (Can i add my own menu that i made in DVDLab)



i use the Nero steps for burning svcds that are in PAL and i want them to be NTSC, but i find the nero menus a bit simple and would like to add a better looking menu (DVDLab one). So is there a way to do this? If i save the project to my drive it creates the video_ts folder, i was wondering if i could movie the required vobs (i dont know which ones) ?

i only have this problem with pal–>ntsc, with ntsc everything works fine with DVDLab.

Im using nerovission 3 and dvdlab. Thanks in advance.



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To answer your question, why don’t you transcode(re-encode to NTSC) with Nero and load the Vobs into DVD Lab and do the menu thing and after that the output will still remain in vob format( only with the menus included this time). So, you have the best of both worlds.

Hope this helps.


i thought of that, but im not really sure about the required vobs, here’s what i have, i transcoded with nerovission exptress 3, and had to make its own menu and stuff, i already burned it to a dvd+r and everything is perfect.
Video_TS: video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo, video_ts.vob, vts_01_0.bup, vts_01_0.ifo, vts_01_1.vob, vts_01_2.vob, vts_01_3.vob, vts_01_4.vob and vts_01_5.vob

Assuming i want only the video, what vobs should i move?

One last thing, when the SVCD files are NTSC i can burn them without reencoding, and this way i can put up to 3 1.4g files, is there a way to do this with PAL? (doubt it)



Even when a SVCD is in PAL, it can be authored(make menus and other stuff without re-encoding) in DVD lab, the only reason Nero is doing what it does(Re-encoding to NTSC) is because you specifically set it to encode to NTSC. What I would suggest you do instead is to:

  1. Load the PAL Svcd files directly into DVD lab after setting the Project Properties to PAL(default is NTSC).
    2.Make the menus and other stuff in DVD Lab as you normally do with NTSC files.
  2. Burn the output the same way you do with NTSC output.
    4.Remember whatever you put in Nero gets transcoded for DVD Compliance. DVD Lab is a bit more flexible in this regard as it tolerates more formats(accepts anything which is DVD-compatible as opposed to compliant i.e. it should play on most DVD players) when selected specifically in Project properties. READ the help of DVD Lab for more help in this regard.

Hope this helps.



By the way ,almost forgot The larger files i.e. VTS_01_01.vob, VTS_01_02.vob, VTS_01_XX.vob are usually the main video files. They could also be VTS_02_XX.vob depending on whether the main feature is in VTS_01/VTS_02 etc.

Hope this helps.


Thanks alot, i think i’ll just stick to nero for PAL SVCDS, those are the only ones that my DVD wont read. Thanks for your time.



Glad to help.