Svcd question



i am trying to get my svcd’s to play on my magnavox mdv 450 dvd player.i know this dvd player can play svcd’ plays vcd’s with no problem is when i try to play them the screen on my tv keeps rolling.anybody know how to fix this?thanks.


Do you have an old TV?

My old portible use to do that when watching anything in NTSC format and not PAL.

Try to use the DVD player on another TV and see if the picture’s OK, that way you will know if it’s the DVD playetr or your TV.


its a fairly new 31 inch the moment i dont have another tv to try it on.


Try adjusting Vertical Hold. It may be internal to the TV , would not recomend fidling o=in the back of the TV unless you really know what your doing.

Also try demuxing the SVCD and remux as a VCD. TMPGEnc can do this and then burn as a non-compliant VCD with Nero. May work, worth a try on with 1 cd.