SVCD playback problems

I burned an SVCD bin/cue image at 40x using my OC’ed LTR-32123S (OC’ed to 40x). About half-way through the movie, it gets really blocky and pixely and does it for a while, peridiocally throughout the rest of the movie. It gets really bad at the end. The screen just turns into green/white lines. Any idea whats goin on here? Im using Philips 40x certified media 100pk. I think they’re CMC.

SLOW down your burn speed m8 :smiley: Reburn at 8x :smiley: Your home dvd player isn’t quite cabable of reading a burned SVCD at 40x as this is common among many home dvd players :smiley:

  1. Use only good quality scratch resistant CDR’s. Some DVD stand alone players will only read from CDRW’s, then burn to CDRW’s instead. Burning at greater then 4x or 8x speed can also make them unreadable by many players, particularly the latter part of the CD. Many DVD stand alone units have problems playing SVCD movies altogether, even though the book indicates it can and many will jump and stutter if the bitrate is to high or to low. These problems are not with the SVCD you just made, they are all related to the brand and model of your DVD Player. The SVCD’s will play fine on a PC however.

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you overclocked your 32x and burned at 40x and wonder why the svcd doesnt work! burn slower and use a biterate of 2376:)

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i am going to burn slower. and, the bitrate is not the problem.

I’m having the same trouble with the 48X Philips media on my LG 24X10X40X.

Even if I lower the speed down to 8X it still does this. I think the new 48X and 52X media is just way to fast for a DVD player even at lower speeds.

Just got some Verbatim 24X that I’m going to try.

I’m new so I’m just guessing here. Anybody care to inform?


The Phillips 48x media is some of the worst to come out in a while.

The Verbatim Data Life Plus 24X are GREAT! :smiley:

My SVCD movies play perfect now in my DVD home player!:wink:

Makes me mad as hell that these Philips CD-R suck so bad!:a
I feel like I was cheated because I paid $35 for the 100 pack and they are not worth $5.:frowning:

I will not be cheated again into buying crappy CD-R media!

How is the bin/cue before you burn it? Try loading it in a tool like Daemon Tools and check if it does the same thing.


I like to convert the bin/cue to a .mpg before I burn it and it always works great on the PC.

No doubt about it, it was crappy Philips 48X CMC discs burned on my LG 24X.

I have learned a lot from this forum already. :bow:

you cant go worng with verbatim data life plus:bigsmile: but be careful and make sure the package says Datalifeplus, if it only says Datalife you will most probably be getting an inferior brand such as CMC.

After burning more than 200 movies (SVCD), I’ve found than burning bin& cue to be the best format by far. By burning this method, I can scroll through chapters on my home dvd player. When I was burning MPEG2 format, I could only fast forward, rewind.

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