Greetings All You CDFREEKS out there!!

This will be my first thread and I hope it will not go un-noticed.

Recently I stumbled onto a DVD with a current box office hit burned on it, man can that guy swing!!

I have seen many SVCD and SVD format movies burned to 2 and 3 CDRs, how ever this movie was burned to a DVD and used the standard .VOB file extensions.

With my personality I tend to obsess very easily and this disk (probably very common to most of you) put me back on my heels and forced to ponder how it was accomplished.
Being some what rational I broke down the concept in 3 easy to research categories.

  1. Locating the origin of the SVCD or SVD file.
  2. For a better choice of words “re-mixing this to a .VOB fie.
  3. Burning it to a DVD.

I have been able to locate these files with ease and downloading them and using WIN-RAR, and FIRESTARTER to create a working SVCD or SVD file has been accomplished.

Burning .VOB files to DVD’s are also a no brainier.

It is the 2nd that I have no ideas where to begin. I am sure there is a multi-part solution to this opportunity and after reading some very informative forums here I am sure the CDFREEKS will offer up many solutions for me.

Keep in mind the quality of this DVD was outstanding not as good as a pure DVD rip and burn but still very good.

So to summarize this; I want to convert SVCD or SVD files to .VOB files so I can make a DVD out of them.


Not sure what you are on about. The DVD you saw was probably just a normal DVD movie that had been ripped, shrank to fit, and then burned back to a DVD-R. Am I missing the question here?

Dose anyone else seem confused as to my question?

No it wasn’t a normal DVD that has been ripped and shrank to fit. The Movie is Spiderman II a current BOX Office Hit not yet available to the public on DVD.

Suppose it was a Normal DVD even a DVD9 burned on a Dual Layer DVD you would want to shrink it to fit on a 4.7 gig DVD.

This file is only 2.4 gigs and is the same quality as a SVCD file that you find on CD’s.

Back to my original question, how do you convert SVCD or SVD file movies that are on CD’s to a VOB file that can be burned to 1 DVD and played on normal DVD players?


There’s a “how to” on AFTERDAWN to do the conversion "I THINK"your’e asking for.
I’ve come across those “BOOTLEG DVD’S” you’re talking about. People taking video cameras into theaters and compressing the hell out of them in the DVD format and selling them at local swapmeets for $5 bucks. Quality ???. Forget the sound and hope you don’t have too many people walking infront of the camera to go get some popcorn ! But for what it’s worth , they are in DVD format and your regular backup programs can back them up.
Before I got a DVD burner I was using the 2 disk VCD method to backup movies which involved the use of VOB’s. It’s a long drawn out process to re-author these back into the DVD format from the articles I read on Afterdawn and really not worth the trouble and the quality will remain the same just to get the movie down to 1 disk ! I’ll just get the movies again and redo them in the DVD Format !!

Thank you for your post,

These DVD’s are nothing like the ones you mentioned. I also have seen those and yes they are about horrible. This one is not polluted with obstructions panning thru the film as well as the audio is very good, not nearly as good as the real thing but certainly about a “6” on a 10 scale.

I will search afterdawn and look for this solution there.

Again thanks,


You came here asking for help and I for one tried to help by making a comment and by asking for more info. I didn’t see a question in your original post until reading it several times. Seems you took my post the wrong way, sorry bout that.

BTW, what is SVD?



I believe it should be VCD not SVD.

Perhaps now that you have read my original post through thoroughly you could offer up some useful information.

As well as you, I meant you no disrespect, I was merely frustrated that I spent 30 minutes thinking out my post trying to shed as much information on it as I possibly could to have the first person to reply to it not understanding what my request were.

Thanks for your help… :confused:


I have been using DVD-Lab for the kind of task you’re talking about. It worked out great for SVCD’s, but I had to switch to ‘TMPGEnc DVD Author’ for my VCD’s. ChickenMan has written a guide on how to use DVD-Lab. Unfortunately it seems that DVD-Lab’s site is down at the moment. I was actually trying to buy their product yesterday, but I changed my mind when I saw the instability of their site.

Here you go. It’s the " How to Put VCD’s on DVD" guide. It includes all the programs to do the conversion.

And yes, my 2 disk VCD’s have better video quality than the bootleg’s I spoke of, but the 2 channel audio format leaves me hanging on action movies. Most of your work in the conversion will be dealing with the audio format to get it to the DVD format but no sound quality improvement, from what I understand. You’ll just be swaping the 2 CD’s for 1 DVD.
Hope the guide answers your question and shows you what you need.
Good luck