Svcd onto to DVD?can it be done

Svcd onto to DVD???can it be done

i have a large number of svcd most 2 disc movies and having coverted to mpg, now can anyone tell me how to vob or ifo em onto dvd or is it to trickey cant find any guides on this eirther


Try this software:
If you have trouble getting the videos off the CDs try :bigsmile:


if you d/load TMPGEnc dvd author it will do the job for you,but i have done a couple of films but the quality is (well if you try it you will see yourself)

strip the films with isobuster using mpeg filter and then run through the author proggy:eek:

How do I merge the files after TmpEnc? I tried the merge-option in TmpEnc but the audio was out of sync.

might be long winded but it works

plenty of options @