SVCD movie

Well, I encoded .avi movie using TMPGEnc, now, I received a .mpg movie I’d like to burn, it’s SVCD

How exactly do I burn it(I’m using Nero).

I only have one file - which is the mpg one, should I use ISO/UDF to burn it? because in both Video-DVD and SVCD there are folders which I cannot fill.

DVD Players can read .mpg files, obviously, right?

A Super VCD as the name suggests if for a CD, not DVD. However, a SVCD can be authored (non-standard) to be burn to a DVDR. Check out for the best way to do it.

Your DVD Player may not play them still, so best is to burn to a DVD RW first.

…or just check whether it supports SVCD and/or other formats.