Svcd/iso Dvd-r

I’m trying to make a DVD with both SVCD and xvid movies. How can I do this in Nero without making it a data DVD? I made data dvd’s with both svcd and xvid and they won’t forward or rewind in my dvd player. When I try to, it just starts over from the beginning.

You can’t. Unless your player will play xvid.
You can make either a dvd, an svcd, or a data dvd. Which one do you want?

my dvd player does xvid but I’m saying the only way to mix svcd’s and xvid’s together is to do a dataDVD which my dvd player won’t ff or rew for the svcd in data mode. only when its encoded to svcd or dvd. I’m wondering if theres anyway to include both formats. I want to DVDlab my SVCD’s so I can ff rew, and then I wanna also just add xvids as data. Not possible?