Well I just started learning how to do this stuff and am already lost. I want to backup some of my VHS tapes to DVD but thought I would try backing up to SVCD first to get a feel for this. ( I just ordered a DVD burner) I have a Sony 32x and a CDRW 32X cd burner. I bought a DVDXPress video capture device that is plugged into a USB port. Am running Win 98 with 512MB of RAM. When I copy the tape to my HD I am using Sony Spressa CD to copy to a cd. I have tried to copy using the DVD and SVCD formats and then copying that onto a cd. They work just fine on my computer but my DVD player does not recognize them. (Pioneer DV-C503). What am I doing or not doing wrong? All help is greatly appreciated.:rolleyes:

some dvd players will play vcd and svcd and some will not ,you will have to put them on dvd if your dvd player play vcd then it will prob say dvd vcd svcd mp3 on the front in small writing

some thing to bare in mind as well

most dvd player are funny about what dvd disk they use , when you get your dvd writer working , dont go out and buy 100 and then find out they wont work just buy 1 or 2 to start with

Hey, thanks for the reply. I figured it out last night. All I had to do was read the book and follow the instructions. I only burned about three minutes on a CD/RW to test and my DVD player read it just fine. Now that I have learned how to back them up on CD I will move on to DVD.