SVCD files > DVD



Just wanderin wats a good program to author svcd files in *.mpg to a dvd file. Is there a program that lets u customise everything, like in the menu. For example pictures, music, text etc. And can u hav multiple menu’s like from one into a new screen? Thanks for any help.


DVDLab. You don’t even have to re-encode anything, just click OK to the warning screen, and let DVDLab transcode the audio for you.


I have just used dvdlab for the first time and it done a great job of making a playable dvd with svcd files,the only down side i found was it is a very complicated program,it has so much to offer,one to consider. :iagree: :slight_smile:


Yes, it CAN be intimidating, because it can do so much.
It’s easy to get started, and make a basic dvd, but it’s also full of tools to make a really nice dvd, when you get tired of the boring stuff.
Check my guides.


ok thx alot guys! I will definitely check out DVDLab.