SVCD file won't play: help



Maybe one of you experts can help me:

I have downloaded an 800 MB SVCD file of *.MPG format. I am pretty confident the file is not corrupted. But, when I try to play it, (in MS WMP 9), it says “unknown error” and doesn’t proceed. When I try to play it in RealPlayer, it says:
“MPEG by Bitcasting: FileFormat cannot find MPEG file header, this may not be an MPEG file”

Do you have any idea how to overcome it?

Note: I have played SVCD files in the past; the error message, IMO, is not one of a missing codec. When WMP is missing a codec, it says so.




Dear all

Turns out it was a codec problem after all (although I do have an SVCD codec). I followed a member’s suggestion, downloaded yet anopther codec pack, installed it and WMP plays the movie.

One problem still remains: the picture looks “squeezed”, it has a wrong aspect ratio.
Is there a way to tweak the aspect ratio in WMP?




Just watch your (s)vcd’s in a dvd-program like powerdvd or windvd.
You will never have a problem again