Hi. I am new here, so bear with me. I ripped a DVD to my computer as a MPEG (it’s SVCD). I want to burn it to a blank DVD+R cd I bought yesterday, but I can’t figure out how. Nero just asks for blank CD-R, not a DVD+R. Now, I just have a regular CD burner. Do I need like a DVD burner or something? I have a trial version of Nero, so if someone can help me and explain it to me as simply as possible, that would be great!! Thanks soooo much!! :slight_smile:
–Monica :flower:


You have either to convert the SVCD files to an DVD compliant format or use DVDPatcher to patch the headers of the files to fake them to be accepted.

Or just copy/rip the DVD using tools like DVDD/DVDShrink.


Sorry, I’m not sure what headers are. :frowning: If I download DVDPatcher, will it just ask me to convert it to DVD?


Explained here:

The easiest solution would be to rip the DVD to hdd and then use DVDShrink to shrink/re-size it to a lower size if you want to burn to DVD±R (SL / Single layer / DVD5) media.


OK. So I am going to download DVDShrink, and rip the DVD to it. Then I can burn it with Nero to a DVD+R? Or will DVDShrink allow me to burn it through it?
Again, I apologize for all my questions–as you can see I am very new at this. hehe But thank you so much for your help.


Check this guide:

It should help you with. :wink:


Thanks. That guide REALLY helps. THe only thing is that when I go to the Backup DVD part, it does not have the option like the guide says to “Burn with Nero”. It only allows me to save it to Hard Disk or make an ISO image. I have Nero installed for sure, I mean I use it like everyday. :slight_smile: Help?


Choose ISO, burn this then with ImgBurn (free great tool!).


Thanks again so much. I will try it out right now!!


Good luck with it! :slight_smile:


Tuckitty can also use nero to burn the ISO as s/he already has it installed. Just open burning rom->recorder-.burn image. Point nero to the ISO to be burnt and burn away. It saves ahving a ton of prgs on the machine.


Thanks. I am downloading ImgBurn right now just in case. So would I use the Nero Quick Start wizard and go to “copy & Backup” and then “Burn Image to Disk”?? Then I select the file that I made (will it just be one file with all the disc menus and everything??) and it will burn to a DVD+R?? Thanks!


Now you’ve got me I need to check…Yes you can use the burn image option in nero smart start/quick start under copy and back up. I had to check as I only use two parts of Nero and those are pinned in start menu, which includes burning rom as I only use that for burning images to disc, so I rarely if every go to smart start.


To answer this rather significant part of your question. YES.

All the above about DVD Shrink etc is redundant until you do get a DVD writer & some DVDs.

Recommended brands of writer are Benq, LG, NEC etc.


Ohhhh OK. Yeah that would help! There isn’t any program where I can just use a CD burner?? On the front of my CD-Rom it says “DVD ROM”…does that mean its a DVD burner possibly??




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No you need a DVD-RW drive, they will have DVD-RW on the front, ROM are readers only. I missed that you mentioned a CD writer.


OK thank you!


Are DVD burners pretty cheap? Would it be better to get one at Best Buy or somewhere cheaper online??


I’m in the UK but Newegg gets good reviews.