SVCD color all wrong after encoding




I have followed ChickenMan’s VCD Encoding procedure:

it went well and the quality is great, but the color is all wrong.

MY TV is multi, so the I get the followig results:

PAL = Black and White
NTSC 4.43 = Black and White
NTSC 3.58 = People are blue with bright colors. What I know should be red is also blue, and what is something else is red.

In the procedure it said to use MPEG2DEC2.dll in the frameserver tab of DVD2SVCD, but I only had MPEG3DEC3.dll as did another subscriber.

The borders are great no problem there.

The only other deviation is that after the encoding was finished, I burnt with Nero, (selected only the mpg file, I gather it did what it wanted with the rest of the files), because I could not get VCD easy to see my sony CRX195E even after installing aspi 4.6/4.7. (aspi chk confirms they are installed).

Can someone please tell me why the coloring is wrong?