SVCD burns started failing

I’ve just got a external NEC 2510 writer - which is working very well via a firewire connection.

The issue is: I’ve a dell latitude laptop and existing internal burner (which I still use) - samsung sn-308b cd writer and dvd player combo - this has stoped being able to burn SVCD’s. since I installed the NEC 2510 and started using the nero software.

At the same time I removed “roxio easy cd, etc” and have replaced it with NERO

Data cd’s burns are fine on the samsung, however the svcd’s don’t burn - 8 coasters so far! Nero implies that all is well, since it says burn sucsessful.

What is odd, is that the same “bin/cue image” will burn (using nero again) on the NEC 2510 writer via firewire!!! (and it works fine).

Any suggestions on the problem?

Forgot to mention

The toasted cd’s don’t show up in drive (still looks empty) and when clicked I get “incorrect function”?