SV2000 is this unit worth keeping?

I bought a SV2000 (by Funai) at Wally World on closeout for $40
Does anyone know if the unit is worth a whoot?
I know it’s only forty bucks, but I don’t want junk either.
Thanks for any info.
Kellie :flower:

Actually I was surprized that it’s not too bad for a cheap DVD recorder. Got mine over Christmas and have since burned close to a hundred DVD’s with it. It’s especially great for converting those old home videos to DVD format. Only downside is that you need to read the directions, it’s not intuitive.

Thank you for the feedback on it. I guess for $40 it is a good deal.
I noticed that it IS a bug-a-boo to work the remote.

Concerning the sv2000,it is actually the same unit internally and externally as the Magnavox MWR10D6.The Mag. lasted 5 or 6 months and never worked properly.My SV lasted nearly a year before hurricane Ike blew it up. currently the SV2000 is priced 20 to 30 dollars less than the Magnavox.

The biggest problem I have with mine is finding RW’s that it will record onto.

I have one of these and I can’t get it to record dvds that will play in other players. I cn’t even see the files on my computer. it says it is a blank CD and it iss a recorded on DVD. It will play in the sv2000 but not anywhere else. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don’t have the original remote and fear I may need it to make this work the way I want…

I consistently use this to record television programs. it is a great deal for the money to do that or to record vhs to dvd, home movies and the likes for clients. I use a maxell dvd-rw to record tv programs and as long as I close out the dvd it can be played on any other dvd player, and I have absolutely no problem using the files on my pc. Great deal for the cash. Used for over 2 years already, and use constantly…,

Would you happen to know the media code of the Maxell discs you’re using, and where’d you buy them? What is their speed rating?

We get Funai units at my work all the time (mostly under the sylvania, magnavox or emerson names). Some are new while many are refurbished. I have also owned several of their units. The tv’s seem to work fine for a cheap tv. The dvd players are kind of cheaply made (not too strong), but if cared for, seem to last fine. Vcr’s on the other hand are total crap. Every one of mine has failed (with the exception of 1 that is only about 2 months old and has only played a couple of tapes). Thats 4 out of 5 dead and they were all within months. We most often get refurbed dvd recorders and refurbed dvd recorder/vcr units. The dvd recorders rarely get returned. Maybe 1-2 out of 10 of the dvd recorder/vcr units gets returned because the vcr is messed up. I have taken two stand alone vcr’s that died apart (two were built into tv’s), and not only is the construction crap, the design is crap too. We are talking poor mechanical design on the transport mechanism by the way (I’m not saying the electronics are bad). If its a combo unit, you could still use the dvd recorder if the vcr dies (and if the vcr is only going to be used occasionally, it might last a while). I would keep it for that price.

Picked one up at BigLots for $59…has outplayed and outlasted many other cheapies…Paid $129 for a Samsung model D 35, which is still burning and playing well…you get whatcha pay for, but the SV 2000 is becoming difficult one year later…Having trouble finalizing, but still records and plays well…Which is to say YUP, it’s worthwhile…

Where can I buy a replacement remote?