Suse Linux 9.2 and LSC-24082K



Hi everyone… I’ve recently installed Suse 9.2 with the 2.6x kernel on my laptop (see signature) and find that when I PLAY music or DVDs that the system freezes (I think its called a kernel panic) after a few minutes (or tracks) and I have to turn the laptop off.

I dual boot with Win XP and there is no problem in drive function under that OS
Under Suse…
I can COPY several files without a kernel panic
I can COPY large files without a kernel panic
The kernel panic will happen regardless of the media present (i.e. pressed CD/DVD from a shop or one I burn’t myself in XP, containing mp3s) if I am PLAYING it
I can be PLAYING the media via all kinds of media players (xine, Mplayer, Amarok, Kaffeine) and still get the panic

Yast correctly identifies the LSC-24082K drive (and I’ve confirmed this by ejecting the drive and reading the label
I’ve taken steps to ensure my OS is upto date with Suse’s current stable releases

Can anyone help me? I’m not only a CD Freaks Noob but also a Linux Noob!!!


Well, sorted it by rebooting with the linux install DVD, and selecting the REPAIR wizard, and then scratching around with various mount points in xine and other media players…so it works now, doesn’t crash, and I’m happy!


@ AbnormalMail
Glad to hear you found a solution to your problem. Thanks for posting back with your solution as it may help others:).