Suse 10.0?

i have bought nero linux i have been using fc4 and a friend who works IT gave me a live eval cd of suse 9.3 and i like this flavor of linux and just want to know if i decide and install suse 10.0 will nero work with this distro or should i stay with suse 9.3 as i cant live without nero :wink:

Many Thanks

  • Brian Szemon

With Suse 10.0, you have to make sure that you are using version that is specially designed for kernel 2.6.13 (and higher).

I might add that version works fine in my SUSE 10.0 installation (laptop)…I’m
going to do SUSE 10.0 on my workstation shortly, and nero will be on that as well!

Hey, mathf, what can we expect from the next update from NeroLinux…or is that a secret?

Any talk of porting more applications over? Just wondering…