SUSE 10.0/x86 - Writing DATA DVD(Format not recognized)

I just purchased NeroLinux. I’m very happy with it, but when I go to create a DATA dvd that is larger than 2GB, I get a prompt that UDF will be used. I click yes/OK, the write goes perfectly. When It performs the write verification test, it fails and says the disc is completely different from source. My computer also does not recognize the disc/data that was written. What format did Nero write it in? Obviously one that my computer does not recognize. K3B on the other hand does the UDF write, and it works, and is recognized. The only reason why I’m using Nero is because K3B does a HORRIBLE job at burning DVD’s. K3B’s dvd write speed is very unstable, I get lun errors(stops and restarts), and the write process usually stalls out 3/4 way through. I have to usually hit cancel. Has to be a bug in K3B, because Nero does the write with no problem. Thanks!

Normally, NeroLINUX writes pure UDF file system when the filesize exceeds 2GB. That means that sometimes, you have to pass ‘-t udf’ to mount (this depends on your system configuration).

I really appreciate your help, but your reply hasn’t helped much. I need to know in simple terms, what exactly I have to do. I find it VERY hard to believe that no one else has this problem and knows how to correct it. As I said, K3B has no problem writing DATA DVD’s. What should the UDF settings be for Suse 10.0/x86/32 bit? Thanks BTW>>>>Neros support SUCKS!!! I’d like to call them up for support, good luck, they practically force you to use email support. Big Joke!