Survey: small-scale piracy is common & accepted



Survey: small-scale piracy is common & accepted.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A new piracy study has revealed that consumers are relatively accepting of minor content theft, though not too fond about the government or telecom companies messing with their Internet if caught. The American Assembly has revealed results from its "Copy Culture: Infringement and Enforcement in the U.S." survey, which asked everyday consumers pointed questions about digital theft, copyright enforcement and the new Stop Online Piracy Act.

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I liked the mention that alot of people that pirate also buy the product. For a long time I believed that the record/movie industries didn’t realize this. People only have so much free cash, they can’t buy unlimited amounts of product. People pirate to make up the gap. When they’re going out suing people and putting them in jail, there’s a big chance there a pirater, but also that they are a paying customer.


There are so many software products on the market that it is nearly impossible to buy one specific program on the first purchase and find that is what you want. A lot of the problem is the advertising for software promises features and ease of use that rarely proves to be true. I hardly ever buy software unless I can use it for a trial period first to make sure it is what I need/want and it works as advertised.

Also, I think companies like Autodesk doesn’t mind having their programs pirated to some extent. Piracy has probably helped them to dominate many industries that use CAD software. It makes more people familiar with Autodesk products and businesses benefit if their employees mess around with them at home or do work at home in addition to the office.


And then there’s the whole licensing thing. I’m more tempted to download a song that I have previously purchased on Vinyl or Cassette because I already paid the license once and feel I shouldn’t have to buy it again because a format became obsolete or wore out. I’d buy it if I got a rebate of the original license fee.