Survey shows Blu-ray still popular in Japan

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A recent survey on showed that still a majority of the Japanese want to buy a Blu-ray recorder. The website ran the survey from August 18th until the 25th in 2008 and received a total of…

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BD Recorders, one of the niche electronic thing in Japan. When it will hit the US and the rest of the world?

I call bullsh*t! This survey shows just the opposite. It shows that 72% of all that were polled either never heard of Blu-ray, would never buy one or have only just considered it. This survey shows just how little people are interested in this format.

Remember, this is not a survey of the general population- this is folks polled from an electronics and entertainment website! The reason I know (or think) this is because I went to the site and this is what it looks like- but I can’t read Japanese. But, it certainly was not some site that would not benefit from a favorable result of such a poll. But, when it came out wrong for them, they simply twisted the results! No way in heck are 11% of the GENERAL population of Japan, in possesion of a Blu-ray player unless they are throwing in PS3 which they conveniently failed to mention or break out separately. The title of this story is inaccurate and misleading to the public, but I guess I would do the same thing if I was trying to unload Blu-ray from my shelves.

Damn I am sick of all this Blu-ray hype on the 'Net. Blu-ray is an overpriced, overhyped format that has too much DRM for anybody with a lick of sense!

@Crabby: this has nothing to do with blu-ray player or PS3. The survey is specific to Blu-ray Disc Recorder. Not player.

Oooops! :o

LOL @ Crabby
Your blind hatred of Blu-ray rivals my own.

Well actually, the recorder is even LESS desirable than a player, so it even throws the figures into further doubt. I mean who in the hell NEEDS a BR recorder? Jeeez. What is it good for? Backup? I don’t think so.

I guess maybe they sell a lot of bluray recorders in a PC or laptop there, but I am having a hard time believing 11% people have one in Japan! I think they are more a curiosity than popular.

@Crabby: I think they means standalone blu-ray recorders, a popular item in Japan but not in the rest of the world. A japanese friend of mine said recorders are popular since well… they can record and act as player too.

I guess they haven’t heard of a DVR over there?

It’s kinda hard to take a dvr to a friends house to watch a show.