Survey reveals students refuse to buy any song from Napster

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 While several Universities have  taken on Napster in an aim to provide a legal alternative to file sharing  for students, according to a survey conducted at the University of  Rochester, not a...
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Being a student, I know most are getting by with less money than the average person. Most of us have tight budgets that need to go toward our education and securing our maintainted educational goals. Also, being students, we usually investigate into what we buy before buying it. If it is restrictive in any sense, then the least restrictive is most desirable in any pretense. It makes perfect sense to want MORE freedoms, rather than pay equally for LESS. The next step would be to associate DRM and/or Microsoft’s Windows with freedom in some manner or fashion without actually stating it, but maybe implying it within messages.:B

using the name “napster” is still a joke… what they call “napster” has nothing in common to what it used to be…

It’s a sad fact that Roxio are wasting the Napster name with their restrictive downloads. Napster was about sharing, not about limitations.

Napster subscription service is the bomb. (Except for sound quality). Any type of ITUNES/NAPSTER/WALMART download is just crap anyhow. The only viable options for me are purchasing cheaper cd’s, buying from allofmp3 or using the Napster subscription. Paying for a Napster subscription is no worse than Satellite radio fees or $12.95 a month Tivo. Which I dont do either of those.

agreed… roxio destroyed what napster used to stand for…

i also agree, Napster WAS Napster. I spent my entire senior year in highschool using this awesome program. But now, pay for music, what? It’s like if BMW went out of business, or was bought out, and KIA bought the name, so now you’re driving a KIA with a BMW badge on it. Same old logo, new shitty car. I love American Marketing :wink: