Survey reveals Kazaa usage down & BitTorrent usage rockets

I just posted the article Survey reveals Kazaa usage down & BitTorrent usage rockets.

 A  network management company CacheLogic has conducted a traffic survey over the  last 6 months by operating 12 network monitoring devices in top-level ISP's  networks across the world.  By...
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Long live Suprnova!

Indeed x50! Plus its sister sites! It may not be an elite way to grab “goodies” but it works within its design.

All they need to do now is make it secure so it can’t be monitored…an it’s complete. Having said that waiting for stuff to download ain’t 'alf boring…I haven’t used any P2P network in ages, it’s all just too slow for me. As for piracy well, that’s just tuff on the movie and record co.s. Piracy will always exist whatever they do to try and stop it. However if they focus their efforts on those who make a living at the game…well that’s fine by me. Let’s face it they can’t really complain with “Spiderman 2” breaking all box office records can they? It certainly won’t happen with every film they produce, despite what they might think.

Ya i switched- suprnova rocks! the only bad thing is its alot harder to set it up share a new file with others.

Remember how all the nerds tried to warn the industry that if Napster was shut down, we’d just move to another network. Ok fine, so we went to Gnutella, WinMX, Kazaa. This made it harder to track people because they split up (temporarily hurting sharing as now you had less files per network). Everyday more people got on the net and after only a few months to a year, these networks were almost as diverse as Napster and allowed more than MP3s so now people are trading movie & warez. Now we have the industry attacking the most popular network, Kazaa, and people have been moving to BitTorrent, a P2P you can’t’ sipmly “shut down”. Even if you do take out a major site indexing the BitTorrents, it’s no big deal for 10 new sites to pop up as they don’t need to re-populate the network. The music industry really did it to themselves, and in turn, screwed over the software & movie industry as their warez are now traded. Hello buisness, take a clue from the nerds, they’re smarter, faster and craftier than you.

You forgot about Audiogalaxy. That was the best MP3 DL Service after Napster died.

Lol@remember the nerds. Ages ago I was rating Suprnova and BT on here. It’s about time BT took over. As for security, depending on what client you use (Azureus is by far the best!) that’s not an issue, and many sites now have secure trackers in place which require registration and IP authentication. I still think Kazaa is good for the odd music track that you want to get hold of, but the last time I used it there were ONLY 85,000 odd people online compared to the 3 million that used to be present at any given time of the day. Thanks to these media institutions attacking P2P, the techonology and methods relating to filesharing have improved and evolved. So yes long live Suprnova, TorrentReactor,, UKF and all the other sites that index torrents freely.

:c I got a letter from Paramount when I used to use Suprnova/Bittorrent… Bittorrent is easily tracked so be careful kiddies :wink: