Survey: internet piracy is on the up - 44% doesn't want to pay

I just posted the article Survey: internet piracy is on the up - 44% doesn’t want to pay.

We already know that music sales are down and the music industry blames for a big part the file sharing networks. A recently released report by Jupiter Media clearly shows that indeed a lot of…

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My 5 minute study says that 100% doesn’t want to pay taxes. 100% doesn’t want to pay tolls. 100% doesn’t want to pay for cars, homes, or anything else for that matter. This could only mean there will be a rise on non-tax and non-toll payers as well as more car theft. Better put more locks on your homes as well because according to my studies, no one wants to have to pay for it! :r

hahaha. Maybe it just means people are getting cockier, and 44% are now willing to openly defy the RIAA, stand up and say SCREW YOU I’LL TAKE MY MUSIC FOIR FREE!

I will GLADLY pay for music/movies/software that I want IF I can be certain that a BIG percentage of that cash goes into the pockets of the ARTISTS/CREATORS and not some fucking greedy corporate bigwig sipping Dom Perignons on the French riviera. Fuck suits! Support the little man!

Why buy music when you can just download it for free. Downloading is not stealing!!!

I dont wan’t to pay my bills either! LOL! :4