Survey finds DVDs frequently lost or ruined, backups are needed!



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to the results of a survey done on the website of 321 Studios, the developers of
over 57% of DVD owners, ruin or lose up to 10 DVDs every year. 321 Studios is…

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The solution seems quite simple to me: stop losing and ruining your DVDs! If I can do it (I assume you I have not ruined or lost any of my 600+ DVDs), anybody can do it.


You obviously do not have children then. A backup copy for the kids to use/play is essential IMO. Especially when you have people like Disney having limited releases every few years of their titles.


600 DVDs would be 9,000 if they were 15 each. I have 14 DVDs I noticed I didn’t rewatch the movies I had bought so long ago I figured out better things to spend money on. When the DVD-HD format comes out I bet people with 600+ DVDs will buy the same movies again! I also don’t have kids but I’ve seen what they can do to game systems and DVDs. (HD) PVP movies from your cable company will be a better deal for a movie you watch only once, but for kids movies where they seem happy to watch the same stupid movie over and over again is probably cheaper to just buy the disc. 600+ DVDs is just showing off, I can’t think of 100 movies that are worth owning, not counting porn.:slight_smile:
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Depending on how often you watch a movie, Video Cassettes can prove more durable than DVDs, i.e. you can scratch the surface of a video as much as you like and it will not affect the picture. I.e. videos are fairly child-proof. They only wear if they get damp, have been played too many times or get chewed by a dodgy VCR. DVDs work the total opposite. You can get these damp, wet and play them (dried off) over & over without any problems. Try throwing these about, get them scratched or let children handle them roughly and they won’t last very long. I’ve even seen many original CDs (including an offical Microsoft Office CD) that had the coating scratched by bad handling. It doesn’t matter whether you have CDs, DVDs or Videos, each have their side-effects and thus should ideally be backed up to avoid losing any.


That bring up a good question… If you loose your orginal DVD then would be illegial to continue owning/using the backup? If you leave your DVD on the train and someone finds it, I would assume that they are now the rightful owners of the DVD and not you!


I wasn’t intending to show off. I actually think it’s pretty embarassing. I haven’t bought any for awhile. I just thought it was a bit more effective to include a number (i.e. isn’t it more impressive that I haven’t ruined 1 in 600 than 1 in 10?).


Not trying to start anything, but why are your kids touching them if they can’t be trusted to keep it clean? It’s not rocket science.


Take out of case, hold by edges, put in player, watch movie, take disc out by edges, put back in case. I see very little opportunity for error with that procedure. Is there some other procedure that I’m not aware of?


mbg, it really sounds like you don’t have kids or you would understand that no mater how well behaved, (or not), your children are they will still break things and DVD’s are one of the easiest things to scratch/break so please don’t minimize the ease of protecting DVD’s from children.


DVD’s do get old and can stop working even if never taken out of the case once. The plastic can wear down, or warp.


I agree, backups should be legal. But I seriously doubt 57% of people have that much trouble keeping them in control. I have 300 DVD’s. I too have not a single one out of place or scratched up. All are in perfect condition. Though if you’re talking about CD’s… whoo boy. I back every CD I purchase up simply because within a few weeks of being in my car the bloody things look like they were attacked by a tiger! So I understand the dilema, and while I feel the argument is being exageratted greatly (57% of DVD owners can’t keep things orderly… RIGHT) I understand some of you have situations where a DVD might not last too long, like my CD’s. It is and should be a right to make a legal backup, as long as it’s not… hey it’s legal for me to copy movies for all my friends and send them out on the internet kind of “legal”. Though I know both my sisters have children ranging in ages from 3 months to 12 years… None of them have had any DVD’s ruined by their children.


We have a lot of DVDs in our home, and although our kids are teenagers, if they didn’t have to pay for it, then why should they have to make sure to take care of it is the way they think. Their friends are the same. And if there is a party going on that we don’t know about, then rest asure that something is going to be broken when we get back. Some movies we do watch over and over just because they are great movies such as The Shining, and over time, they will become damaged to excessive play. It is unavoidable. I belive that 321 Studios has the right to publish the software. Yes, people will use it for piracy, but then again, I can purchase a vehicle and use it for crime sprees, but you don’t see the government suing “The Big Three” do you? I would like to be able to backup my purchased copies of DVDs. One in particular is The Band of Brothers and it wasn’t cheap. It was cheap for the movie studio to make in bulk, but I sincerely doubt that they will give me a free copy every few years when my copies are worn out. Maybe they (the studios) should provide a 3 year warranty on DVDs so that any damage to them within that time frame, you get a new copy at no additional charge, after that you’re just f#cked.
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for mbg… I’m guessing you have a car thats never been in a accident , never scratched the furniture, broken any crockery, had any diseases, have 20-20 vision, etc etc ad nauseum…unfortunately most of us live in a world which in part is controlled by Mr Murphy and the laws he makes…(let me know when I go over your head here)…I, for one, would like to make backups regardless of what condition or how I treat my CDs DVDs etc… It was an implied right paid for in the purchase of these items, now seemingly being dishonoured by the companies who still accept the extra cents I pay for that right…If only we could all live in your world…:X


again for mbg… You might want to read the article regarding the degradation of this media by oxidization and chemical reaction…in other word, even YOUR media might be going to shit, as we speak, er…type…:X


my cash gets all messed up too…im gonna make back-ups…:d