Survey: Consumers aren't too high on the cloud (storage & services)

Survey: Consumers aren’t too high on the cloud (storage & services).

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony added cloud game saving to its PlayStation 3 console last week as part of the new 3.60 firmware update, but that doesn't mean everyone is singing the technology's praises. A survey published by research and analysis firm Parks Associates at the start of the month asked consumers what they thought of the cloud. The response was split.

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Save all of your personal files on a PUBLIC Server?
Copyright Lawers and Homeland Security are probably drooling on the floor
right now.
Probably would appeal to the i-fruit crowd however.

Assuming that sufficient encryption and password protection are in place to prevent any, and I mean any unauthorized parties (including governmental agencies for ANY reason) for being able to access my data, I feel that “cloud” based backup for critical files is a good idea. The possibility of my home burning down with all of my financial, personal…etc data is, although remote, always a possibility. To have the ability to store it remotely is a good thing, as long as only people who I give the authorization to can access the files.

Anything that I would want to back up I do not want Big Brother looking at so I will pass on the cloud

[QUOTE=blegs38552;2579838]as long as only people who I give the authorization to can access the files.[/QUOTE]

That’s a irony in itself…you already gave them authority and access to your files when you upload to their server farm aka cloud…whether you know it or not and you have no way to know when or whom is given authority over your files. How many peoples read the contract online from the beginning to the end? I can say less the 1% read to the end completely.

The public will never be sold on allowing someone else to control their information. I don’t trust anyone with my info as we’ve seen a billion times, everyone gets hacked. Fed Reserve, hacked. CIA, hacked, FBI, hacked lots…

“All the a$$holes have the money and left the idiots in charge” - Michael Coats (Me)