Surveillance Camera Captures 'Slip-N-Fall' Scam

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A Sunrise, Fla. woman is accused of trying to run a ‘slip and fall’ scam at a grocery store.

Images captured by a surveillance camera inside the store show the woman lose her footing in one of the aisles and take a nasty fall. A store worker comes to her aid and helps her up. The woman then loses her footing again and falls to the floor.

But store manager Luis Diaz noted there was something strange about the ‘accident’ after viewing the tape.

“When she’s falling, she’s not falling backward, she’s falling forward,” said Diaz, “usually when it’s a slip and fall, you tend to fall backward.”

Diaz decided to do a little investigating on his own and rewound the surveillance tape back even more, and what he found surprised him. On the tape, the same woman, in the same aisle, minutes before her ‘slip and fall’ accident. On the tape, the woman appears to be trying to open a bottle of olive oil unsuccessfully. The woman puts it back on the shelf, leaves the aisle only to return a few moments later and pick up a new bottle. The tape shows her opening this bottle and pouring some of the oil onto the floor, then she puts the bottle back on the shelf and leaves the aisle.

Minutes later, she returns to aisle and ‘slips’ on the oil.

“It’s not about getting even, it’s about her getting things right,” said Diaz, “because she’s going to try to sue me, sue the store for whatever happened, so I have to make sure everybody knows this is a fraud.”

Diaz has found the bottle she used to make the spill and is keeping it safe. He also said he’s glad that he spent more than $30,000 to install a new sophisticated surveillance system in the store.

“At the end of the day it paid for itself,” said Diaz, "because of things like this. If you don’t have a system that records everything, you lose money

They should take what is left of the bottle to her house an empty the bottle of olive oil on her front steps. I am sure she doe not have a surveillence system

On the topic of CCTV, it would be in the interest of all stores and ATM-machines and whatnot to install HD-cameras. Anyone know how thats coming along?

Only in America!
Oh! wait! Oz has lots of these types of scam, usually by employees seeking workers compensation, which makes the employer pay $$$ and after the worker decides they can start working again, they get a cushy desk job doing nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

This ‘slip-n-fall’ scam is a well-known one, as it’s also quite old. I remember people doing this at the neighborhood grocery store in San Antonio where I used to live. It was done so frequently that at my first job (sacking groceries/doing produce), we were trained on how to keep the area neat, clutter-free and to keep it non-slippery. We never had a single incident, and even if we had of (without surveillance), it would have been quite obvious it was staged, from all the preventative steps we took.