Surround Sound Headphones in Doom 3 AWESOME!

I been playing Doom 3 with my surround sound but my neighbors don’t seem to like it? Dunno why I fuckin love it! So I invested in a set of These buggers and holy crap i’ve blown my mind! these are awesome! I can hear a hellknight squeeze of a fart in the next room :slight_smile: You can easily tell what direction the sound is coming from. The only thing thats shit is it doesnt have the sound control on the cord like others, but other than that these are awesome.

That’s nice, but can you beat this?


USB: v1.1

Sampling rate: 48KHz and 18bit

5.1 Channel: 3.5mm ear phone cable use 3

Line output: Maximum 0db×6

Installed capacity power: 50W×4, 100mW×2

Signal-noise ratio: Line output 110db, ear phone side 87db

Distortion: 0.1% or less

Frequency: 20Hz - 20kHz

Weight: Below 100g (net value)

where can i get those from

USB: v1.1

is it an integrated audio card or what?!?

i like the good old fashioned way more… with normal plugs… :wink:

me too. The ones i got plug straight into me Audigy :bow:

oh yes… :wink:

Doom 3 is essentially a remake of the original Doom, though series fans will find reimagined versions of almost every monster from both Doom and Doom II in the new sequel. You play as a nameless, voiceless 22nd-century space marine called by the Union Aerospace Corporation to its Mars research facility beset with mysterious problems–the forces of hell, to be exact. You’ll end up single-handedly fighting back legions of hellspawn using weapons like shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers. As in the classic Doom games, your foes here are liable to strike at any time–often just as you round a corner, grab a much-needed power-up, or set foot into a new area. So, while your enemies will materialize without notice, and may occasionally startle you as they leap out of the darkness, Doom 3 cannot easily be described as scary or suspenseful. On the contrary, it’s very predictable, and more or less it just goes through the same types of paces that you’ve probably gone through before in any number of other similar games.

the sound it produce is awesome and with a surround sound headphone it gives an ultimate pleasure.

thread date…2004 !! Thanks for a breakdown of an OLD game :slight_smile: