Surprising DVD2one disappointment(sort of)



Not a big deal at all but I backed up Robin Hood(the Disney version) and figured since the movie was only 83 mins long and I only wanted the English soundtrack(which is only in mono), I could afford to do the full disk. The extras on the disk don’t add too much, maybe 33 minutes of extra video footage and an interactive game.

The overall quality is very good but I was surprised at the amount of pixelization during fades between scenes. I would have thought an animated movie would do better than live action movies of the same size.

Just an observation.



While working on the new engine I discovered that the encoder used by Disney has some very strange behavior: it adds padding zeros between slices. This happens most on small GOPs, for instance during fade in/out. The problem is that this confuses the compression rate calculation of DVD2one, resulting in the problem you saw. Needless to say that this is solved in the new engine …



You sure know how to tease, Erwin…:bigsmile:



:bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


On a related note, I’ve noticed that Disney DVD’s tend to be much larger than it should be. An 83 minute movie with just Dolby Digital and minimal extras is almost 7 GB?

The padding does explain a few things… I wonder if they did this on purpose to make it harder to backup their DVD’s in the BD days (Before DVD2One).


obviously it makes it also harder in the AD days :bigsmile: