Surprised by Solidburn

I’ve been burning some old Verbatim 4x DVD-R (MCC 01RG20) (MBI made) and was seeing PIE values spiking up to 200 and av. values in the mid to high 20s…then finally today I set Soldiburn on for known media and low and behold PIE right down to 10 with an av. under 2 and PIF still excellent.

I had one PIE spike of 40 near the end but it was nothing to worry about. (Sorry no scans)

I’ve tried Solidburn previously with TY media and found no benefits at all so not used it regularly. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised but this seems to be evidence that with the ‘right’ sort of disc you can pull a rabbit out of the hat with Soldiburn.

Any similar experiences?

My guess would be that the MBI media is different from the normal MCC 01RG20 made in Taiwan. I saw this problem before with other newer MCC codes and BenQ and Liteon drives. Different MCCs, Prodisc, MBI, and CMC seem to respond differently to these “learn as you burn” drives and they can be really confused.

I guess this is a good guess :iagree: , as I’ve been experiencing this quirk with MBI-made MCC02RG20.

As I’ve mentioned in the Infiniti White 8x thread the same has occured with those Taiwan made discs. All of which has made me question the default burning strategy.