Surprise! Amazon Instant Video is now available on Sony's PS3

Surprise! Amazon Instant Video is now available on Sony’s PS3.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Amazon has been pushing hard to expand their Instant Video service since it first launched. The company has added numerous shows and movies and nearly tripled the total library they launched with a year ago and made the service available on a number of TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Now Amazon can officially add game consoles to their list of compatible devices by bringing the service to the PS3.

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Whoopie. Sony probably will find a way to screw it up by adding more DRM to it…

I signed up for Amazons Prime free trial membership as soon as I saw your article. As a current Netflix member here are some shortcomings in Amazon’s service on PS3:
>The presentation of videos is jumbled for any category, e.g. finding a documentary in PBS requires skipping through many episodes of children’s episodes.
> Multiple episodes of a series are each presented individually and not in order.
>Foreign films may appear more than once, e.g. English subtitled or English dubbed and are generally not next to each other.
>Episode descriptions for free movies and episodes do not show their date or primary actors.
>Even as a prime member there are a lot of movies you still have to pay for. Albeit, they are more recent titles that are not available on Netflix for streaming.

On the plus side the navigation on the PS3 is intuitive and responsive and the search feature brings up titles as you type a search key.

nice i’m looking forward.