!SURPRISE! - 55th Blindwrite Comic TODAY!

Heya everybody…

What can be more impressive than two Garfield Blindwrite comics in 2 days??


:iagree: :iagree:

I just hope that more people will tell me what they think about the comics. So far the feedback was a bit poor except those who always post their answers (thanks men!!!)

OK now Enjoy…

MORE TO COME SOON - I keep 'em coming!!
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Alex “Rylex”

YAY!!! Great Job Rylex:bigsmile:

Thanks man - all feedback is welcome!!

Just tell me what you ALL think!

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i just saw this thread and site… nice comics…

what’s the story with blindwrite ??

Great work as always Alex, keep them flowing :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody!

@mcbyte - the story with Blindwrite started back in 2001 when I had several problems with the included Patin Couffin engine. Then I did my first Garfield BW-comic and after that I was asked by the team if I couldn’t do more Blindwrite comics…
…so here we go and I’m still busy :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong with my comics - I really like Blindwrite… I think the software is more stable now than back in 2001…

…but everybody who knows Garfield, knows that he likes to make jokes about everything :wink:

I’m confused by the double negative , did they want you to stop making comics or continue to make comics?
Are you doing this to continue a favor, or to is this to poke fun at BW?

@xtacydima - you’re right I think I should tell it in easier words:

Everybody in the team liked the comics and so I did lots of comics in the last year.
Sorry about the double negative … my English isn’t perfect (I’m from Germany)

Great one! :bow: :bow:

Keep them coming Rylex.

Blindwrite is good, Rylex’s comics are even better. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Thanks Namoh - your feedback is always welcome…
Of course I will keep 'em coming :wink:

Hi Rylex,

your comics are really nice :), I just finished reading 23.

I missed this one 4days ago. So it was a surprise for me.

Always makes me laugh. I love them. Keep them comming thick and fast.

I am just surprised no-one has done a Dilbert - CloneCD/ Alcohol comic.

Thanks everybody :wink:
And I hope the comics are only getting better :slight_smile:

So do we! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: