Surge protector vs ups

Curious on how many of you just use a surge protector or a UPS

I dont know of any surge protectors that do any power conditioning, will this really effect the PSU or computer components life span.

Or is the only reason to go with a UPS is in case of an outage.

A decision to buy a UPS is at least partly dependent on the quality of electrical transmission in your neighborhood. If your neighborhood has a history of very [B]infrequent[/B] brownouts, blackouts, power surges and fluctuations–in other words, relatively stable, clean electrical transmission then a UPS is perhaps not absolutely necessary(but still a good idea.)

Choosing a good UPS requires a bit of research as well. The cheapest ones tend to provide only [B]backup[/B] power in event of a brownout or blackout.
The best type for home or small office use in a neighborhood with poor electrical transmission history would be a [B]dual-conversion[/B] (double-conversion) type, but these are still relatively expensive (at least where I live.)
If you decide to buy a UPS, do a bit of googling into each model’s specs before choosing a specific unit.

You should do some research and follow uSerKey advice. Not everyone has or live in the situation and varies by region as to what each person will need or don’t need. UPS can be costy as uSerKey says for a good reliable unit. But you should do some research of the electrical grid in your area.

If you spent some good coin on a PC then I would recommend one.

Most UPS will serve both purposes offering a battery backup, surge protection and voltage regulation. If you keep your eyes peeled you should be able to pick up one on sale for around the $100 mark that will suit your purposes.

Tripp-lite, APC are some brands to look at.