Surfsidekick hell! Spyware, please help

I spent a couple of days searching the internet trying to find a method to remove this beast. I finally found a method that worked (or so I thought). I even book marked it.

I painstakingly removed this crap (or so I thought). It had many registry entrys to maunaly remove. Spybot catches it but cannot remove it (it writes crap all over your registry). So I go through the process and remove it and no problems for a few days. Then, all of a sudden, spybot asks about a registry change (got tea timer running). The change is surfsidekick. I deny it. Other changes are brought up (one I recognise manually removing) and I deny them and check remember this decision. When I finish with the last one, spybot goes completlly insane!!! Denial of chage windows (kind of small windows) start scrolling across the entire screen!!! My cpu usage gets pegged as spybot denial of change windows start to scroll across the screen. It gets so bad, my videocard cannot keep up and the windows are blank (the screen cannot redraw as fast as spybot is refusing the thousands of registry change requests). I say thousands because this happened for several minutes while I couldn’t access the computer (anything I tried to click got poped to the back instantlly including start/run). After several minutes, I manage to get a task manager window open. As anoying as it has been in the past, thank god the task manager window is always on top!!! The computer was so locked up that it still took a couple of minutes, but I was able to forcably uninstall its main program (in fact that is what came up as default in the run window as that was the last thing I did). I dont know where I’m getting this from but the worst of virus’s or trojans have not been so dedicated. I was surfing here when it happened this time, and here, cnn, yahoo, bestbuy (major sites) are all that have been visited. This is the most agressive and intrusive spyware I have ran across. Fyi I did use hijack this as part of the process to kill this program but have not submitted a log to anyone.

If anyone knows anything about this virus like spyware, any help would be appreciated. I guess I’m spending the next few days with virus scans, registry edits, spyware scans etc till I completlly go insane!!!

Sounds like you have picked up the very nasty [B] Trojan-Dropper.Win32.SurfSide [/B] once it’s activated it silently downloads and installs a variety of other pests and Trojans. Its very hard to completely remove it and might have been on your system dormant for a wile. Don’t waste your time with Virus and spyware scaners it will keep coming back and you should [B] Format [/B] your HD [B]ASAP[/B] to make sure you completely removed it…

Thanks for the info. I’m going to try to clean it as there is a lot on that computer I need to backup. Its way overdue for a reinstall though so I’ll be doing that as soon as I get stuff backed up. thanks for the name of the trojan by the way.

Sounds like a variation of Spy Falcon, that POS. I got that when trying to update my video player/drivers. My screen was full of popups and that lousy warning message. I used Ewido security suite and manual purging. It was also stealth and memory resident so it would reinstall itself. Took me a couple of weeks but it’s gone now and since then Spybot and Spyware blaster have updated to detect it.
The guys that do this keep changing it so they can get by our safeguards and sucker people into buying their bogus program to kill what they snuck onto our systems in the first place.

went through the same problem, had the DLL hbo’s from hell I could not get rid of, went through all the forums for help…no luck !! I used kill disc and reformatted

There a great site where you can post a hijack list and they will help you get rid of this spyware. You can also do a search on geekstogo for this spyware. I suggest if the above removal process by other posters does not work do the following. Boot in safe mode with hijack this(be careful what you delete) Or post it on this thread and I will try to help you as you helped me and alot of others. Also i would download the latest ewido antspyware from i think or from I would also use spybot4.adaware se free programs spyware blaster a shield. I will go to geekstogo and do a search. You can also do a google search. Good luck-I am sure we can beat this spyware. Try deleting surfside in safe mode- you will have to set folders to view hidden files and someting you have to unprotect system files to get rid of the spyware.

save all your good stuff to cd data and kill disc !!! reformatt and reinstall your good stuff !! your dealing with the spy ware from hell !! bennn therrr !!!

Heres a link which may help you from geekstogo.

respect your Quoat Scotton…but he needs to find the DLL and delete in safe

You may have to use killbox or someother program if it doesnt let you delete the dll in safemode and as I said uncheck to unprotect system files. Also shut down system restore or It may come right back.

you are absalutely correct Scotton !!!

In the windows run menu, I ran the file with the /u switch which forcably uninstalls the program. After that I could delete the .dll. I deleted quite a few files associated with it (as well as quite a few registry entries). there must be a file somewhere that I missed. I’ll have to keep looking.

your in for some work Ripit !! hi jack with the forums I Know could not keep the DLL out of my reg

Ripit, here is a list of the various files and registry entries that it produces etrust list of entries for surfsidekick. I’m one of the lucky ones who got it removed before it violated my PC. Thank God I had Spybot set to run that day and updated it the day before!