Surfing with sattelite?



Does someone now what i need for surfing with a satellite. And what is the speed?
Someone mailed me that you still pay telephone bill. But than is a sattelite not faster i think because the telephoneline in holding down the speed. Someone???


Downloading is fast but uploading you still need a modem 56 k so thats why you will have to pay the phonebill.

You need a receiver a schotel [disk] a lnb head and wires


you need a sattelite and normally a pci card for your computer, you get that from the supplier, you locked in. You need another connection to send emails and so on. Only for downloads and that stuff you can use the sattelite. Normally you have a limit of download capacity.
Hope i can help you.


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Do i have the pay telephone when i am downloading, or only for sending mail and uploading sites and other stuff?


Only for uploading so that would be a min bill


All the important info is here already.
If you’re interested in prices and more specific info, check out these sites :



Thanks for the links.
Is there anyone that has experience with this?
Is it the money worthed?