Surfers pushed to report software piracy

I just posted the article Surfers pushed to report software piracy. reports that The Federation Against Software Theft is going to use software made by a British company that should it make easier for users to report illegal use of digital…

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The british has nothing to do? F.A.S.T. kiss my a… :4

The Federation Against Software Theft? What? The Federation? What is that suppose to mean? Sorry, I don’t watch much Star Trek.

Wow, this is like… like… they designed a new kind of bucket, so its easyer for them to draw a bucket of water out of the sea. :+ I wonder how long it will take them before you see the sea level getting lower. :o Something tells me, this ain’t working…

Sweet ASS, I cannot wait to use this program. Hey We can make a site to support it and everything, it will be great, we can have races to see how many time you can send a Piracy noticed on or or and totally bog their system down and F*&k up their network. Man i am so Excited now.

What a fantasy land. So maybe they’ll stop a few websites, that are in countries they can affect, but how will it stop KaZaA users and other p2p? Nice try Brits. :stuck_out_tongue:

just report every site you visit =) expect the ones you normally should report ofcoz :slight_smile: let them have fun making filters or something

That’s going to be one GIANT jail cell to have everyone on the face of the earth with a computer placed inside it… :4

Well it seem that we already are in that jailcell. Can U get away from earth??? They got Us

You know what: Let’s write a piece of software that should make it easier for users to report illegal use of software to report illegal use of digital material…

I have another idea. How about create a program to report sites that have legal software, so they would just close all the other 23734978574952783728935723948573894 sites. :))

What’s with all the hostility? This is an organization that is simply offering people the chance to reduce the proliferation of ILLEGAL activities. You’re not required to participate, yet everyone here feels like they’re being personally threatened. And regardless of what some of you may think, there will be THOSE who will use this software, and remember, it takes only ONE user to report a website.

Living_Tribunal people don’t feel threatened by it, they just think that it’s a complete joke… and it is. :4 I don’t think they will shut down a website when only one person reports it.

Ok lets think about this, every time the man tries to get us down we find another way to give him a swift kick in his jewels. And also the only people who will use this program are thos who are having their stuff used illegally and those who have yet to understand that 80% or more of software companies are just totally ripping the consumer off. So lets see we have to worry about the companies that make the software and their employees and the consumer who is just mad that they cant get it for free so they whine. I dont see any changes from how it has been except someone else is getting their panties in a wad about “pirates”. im not worried :d

How about I jump onto cnet downloads and take snapshots of every program on there! If they get swamped in fake reports, they might get the message. This sort of reporting is BS and isn’t going to work.

Cool, now I can report all those lame sites that claim they got warez but either want you to vote and go through a billion pop ups just so you can download a demo or the link just plain don’t work. =) oh, not that I deal with those sites anymore. If I can’t get a direct download link, forget it.

hahaha I’ll make screenshots of xxx rated and then send the pics to them -) lol

Somewhere, whether in Heaven, the Elysian Fields, or on Alpha Centauri, George Orwell is laughing at this World.

Well Living_tribunal the fact that the software is available (or will be) and WILL!! be used is a sad case of “thats what it’s comming to” but what really makes me sad is that these arsewipes (living , no doubt, in free democratic countries) want your neighbour to spy on you…and what is even sadder is “THE BASTARD WILL” !!!..I’m outta here…that colony on mars yet???..

my first report will be: micro$ :8