Surface scan & unreadable sectores



hello to you all.

i am FREAKING here, please give me some advice…
i try to backup my ps2 games. i use DVD decryptore to extract the data to an image. i then use either nero ,Alcohol 120% or DVDdecryptore to burn that image to a dvd -R.
on every burn i did, the game was not loading proparly or was stuck sometime after loading. then i started testing the discs with cd-dvd speed ScanDisc,
since my NEC 3520 can’t use the quality test yet.
i was burning the games on X2 speed on TEAC DVD -R media that with CD speed info tool it claimes to be TYG02. the serial number near the hub reads:T1017.
on every surface scan i did i had about 45-55% unreadable sectores!!!
allmost all of the errors started after about 40% of the disc check.
well, i thought that explains why my ps2 slim couldn’t read them!
then i checkd the burn with a few movies i had. i filled the DVD with appx 4.5GB of data and burned it in nero. after the burn i checked again with surface scan and i had 0% unreadable. a perfect disc, right?!
well, guess again!!
after 10 minutes i ran the surface scan on the same disc. this time i had about 30% ureadable data!! what the hell is going on?!
i tryed making an image with nero of some data i have.
again when burning the image with DVDdecryptore and checking it on CDSpeed surface scan i had about 45% unreadable Errors.

Is it the Media??? Is it my new NEC 3520? Is it the hand of god?

your help will be much appriciated…



3520 is not the best reading drive…
Do you have another DVD writer or DVD-ROM drive that you can run the surface scan test with?

Also, can you provide the full serial number on one of the discs?
Authentic Taiyo Yuden should have a “G” in the serial.
Does the disc packaging say “Made in Japan” or somewhere else?


I’lll second that… Whenever I read my newly burned dvds with the NEC 3520A (at full speed / 16x or whatever) I get ‘bad blocks’ in the eventlog. The DVDs check out fine, with the exception of the bad block reports… but when read with my benq 1620a / plextor dvd-rom… there are no bad blocks reported or anything… even when read at full speed, so to conclude… 3520a isn’t a very good reader… at least not at high speeds (imho)…


well, i hope it’s a good writer… :slight_smile: i checked around before bying it and it had good reviews.
the serial number near the hub of the disc is:T1017
exept that there is nothing. i through away the package so i don’t know if it’s made in japan.
but consider that the surface scan was realy REALY bad. just 40% or so good sectors and the rest all red hot bad. can the 3520 be responsibe for that amount of reading errors?
also the discs was shit in my ps2 slim, they was choppy at best or just plain dead at the rest of the time.
also most of the errors and bad sectores was on the discs that was burned with an image on them. what is that all about?
and the bad sectored read was mostly after 40% or so good sectores. so does the discs dye surface is bad after 2GB or so?
just don’t know.


What speed were they burned at? Sounds like too high a burn speed and/or bad media to me. Try a lower speed, if its rated at 8x try 8x speed.


I believe you meant that you burnt a TYG02 (Taiyo Yuden, genuine I hope) DVD which has 8-speed rating at 2-speed, right? I think it may be too slow. My theory is never burn a DVD at less than half of its rated speed, they will more likely have errors. So try at least 4-speed burn.

If you have different brand DVD and they all also produce errors in surface scans, then it’s probably the drive problem.


well, i meant to say i burned a TEAK brand media that cdSpeed infodisc says it’s TYG02.
i dont know if it’s a genuine taiyo yuden or not.
the rated speed of those discs is X8. i burned them in X2 couse i thought the lower the speed the better the burn…
i’ll go today to the store and buy different kind of media, hope it will help.

i’ll keep you posted



Many have posted on newer model drives like the NEC 3520A, burning at slower speeds on 8x rated media is actually bad. Try 8x or at least not slower than 4x speed.



Sure you can’t confirm whether your TYG02 are genuine one. Too many fake one out there. If they are genuine, they should burn great quality DVDs, and vice versa. Those fake TY manufacturers should be shot (bang!)

Why don’t you try at least 4x burn. No one should buy a 16x burner to burn DVDs (single layer, non-rewritable) at 1x or 2x. If your PS2 can’t read those DVDs burnt at at least 4x, then tough luck, maybe your PS2 drive is a fussy one. Like my Xbox :frowning:


i am starting to think that cdSpeed scan disc isn’t giving me accurate result.
i burned one disc as suggestet in X8 speed, and vuala… it worked great!!!
i checked it in scan disc once after burn, it gave me 100% good sectores!!!
after that scan i checked it again (immediatly after) and the good sectored droped to 80%… how could that be. is it my new nec 3520? the software? the media?
any way, it played good in the ps2.
so for now i am (kinda) happy.

maybe there is a precise tool out there to check the surface of a disc?



As long as the games played well in your PS2 and also in 6 months or so later, that is all it matters, don’t worry too much about the scan result. :cool:


well friends…
i changed media type and it workes like charm.

dont use TEAK brand unless you know for sure it’s a gunuine TYGO2.

thanks for all your help.


Glad it all works out for you. Gee, I just realized the brand “TEAK” even trying to copy “Teac”. Sad. Definitely one brand to be shot. Which country is it made by?


I couldn’t find in which country it’s been made in…

probably a BIG warning sign…:slight_smile: