Surface marks on DVD-R

I got some DVD-R at the moment and in my house we have a room with some really bright Halogen lightinh (REALLY bright)

Anyway in there I have noticed some of the DVD-R from the pack have some ‘line markings’ on the writing surface (Like a dried piece of superglue). Anyway I can’t seem to see this marking in any other lighting and the CD/DVD graph still seems to be fine after burning.

So should I be concerned over this?

You might want to sit down at this point.

This is the mark of the beast :slight_smile: Did you use the disc yet ? If so you might be doomed to “burn” in hell :slight_smile:

But seriously - are ALL DVDs in your batch like that ? I have seen this regular occurance on genuine TY CD-Rs and they burn perfectly. If they are ALL like that and you are concerned, return them / exchange it…Otherwise if you can’t be bothered, burn and check your disc.

mark of the beast ?

It’s from the Bible book of Revelation. The mark of the beast is the number 666.