Surething to HPD5160

I have a problem(and you folks have not failed me yet)
I got an HPD5160 printer to copy onto cd/dvds…
The problem being how do I go from Surething directly to print bypassing the HP software??I know,I shoulds just downloaded the drivers & left the program off,but not that 'puter savvy…
In any case now when I build a cd I can’t send it to HP???
Any suggestions??
once again MANY thanx…

Have you looked at the SureThing Support Page? :slight_smile:

I just use SureThing for LightScribe, so that’s about all I can offer, but hopefully someone else will chime in.

I know nothing about that make/model printer but didn’t it come with CD/DVD printing software? You can save to a file extension that your printer software will recognize. If all fails.