Surething Labeler Bug?

Hello! Anybody using Surething Labeler?
I’m trying to find a way to include the Artists for each song in a compilation instead of having “Various Artists” everywhere! Such basic things should be intuitive…Anyway I have looked all of the knowledge base and there is no mention…Anybody more…intuitive than me?Thanks! Warmest greetings from space!

I have printed well over 3000 DVDs for companies using this program, it is the best - However I have not used that feature - I can however recommend you to this:

Extremely helpful forum, and you will get your answer much faster since the question is specific to that progam. Also you have Pete there answering questions on a regular basis (you will likely get your reply the same day!) excellent support there.

Also currently, surething is in beta testing for version 5 - please post your bugs or findings on that forum so they can hopefully fix things for the official release.

That direct link doesn’t work, perhaps because it contains a reference to your cookie - I get the following error message:

We are sorry…

Problem #1:

Your personal firewall software may have explicitly erased “http_referer” information from your browser. This small piece of information is used for security reasons only and we do not store this information on our web server, our database server, nor your browser (as cookies).
The following link should work instead:

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:
But I have the same problem as you…Plus their FAQ for surething shows 134 posts and when I go there it shows : There is currently no message in this forum
!!!I’ll keep digging the web, because their site seems bugey… :flower:

I posted on that…non functional site and got an answer!
Here’s the solution :
Enjoy the sky!