SureThing CD Labeler [in]



Full (ripped ?) program can be found at:
under cdr tools

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did we asked?

When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink:


But there was asked for,
thnx for the inf, now downloading it.


TO the Stupid Idiots :

theclient and [iSO]-SL|nGBlade-[iSO]

If that is all you have to contribute then do not bother. People had asked for a crack, so I thought a link to the full program would be a good idea.


You are right.


Up Yours deemaa! Did we insulted you? Does “SO” and “DID WE ASKED” makes you turn red? ahhaha looser baby.

And to act as foolish as you, i’d say: Fuck off bitchx…

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This started getting out hand.