Surely this cannot be right

After a long time of not using my dvd copying software I have restarted I have downloaded and activated the new version of dvd platinum, on using it to copy my first dvd I got task time left 19 hrs 25 mins surely this cannot be right I aborted the process if it takes that long I will use my other software tool 1 click dvd which I am sure will be faster. I remember when I first got dvd fab it was a lot faster than this new version, maybe I am doing something wrong. Can anyone help.Thanks.

19 hours you should count yourself lucky that your time remaining is not like mine! Mine is 78 hrs 45 mins! I am using DVD Shrink 3.2 and thats when it wants to work for me mostly I get DVD Shrink encounted an error and cannot continue. Failed to read file “D:” Data error (cyclic redundancy check). what ever this crap means!!! :frowning: So I will swap you any day!!!

Is your DMA turned on? That’d be the first thing I’d check.

this is where my I ask you What the heck is a DMA??? And how the heck do you turn it on???

Thats the easy part.

Hope that helps.

DMA = Direct Memory Addressing and is the most efficient method of data transfer on a PC.
To work effectively all the I/O devices (hard drives & optical drives) need to work in the correct DMA mode.

For HDDs Ultra DMA mode 5 or 6 is needed and for optical devices Ultra DMA mode 2 or 4. Which mode depends on the specific device.

Check this thread or download the VB script in my signature & execute that with Explorer.

Yes been there checked DMA all ok.

smb1970 maybe I am lucky but it sure seems like its taking a lot longer than it used to.

Presumably you were looking at the Current Transfer Mode (CTM). Many in the past have taken “DMA if available” as being OK without checking the CTM.

I’me Spartacus when I first got DVD Shrink 3.2 it could burn a back up copy of The Iron Giant for me in less then 20 minutes but now it takes way way longer to do the very same movie???

so I have asked people is this a normal thing for a dvd burner to do get slower as it gets older and even not be able to burn a copy of a dvd any more or even pick up that it even has a dvd in it and alot of people tell me that my dvd burner is on its last legs!!

There are 2 aspects to copying a DVD.

[B]The Rip[/B]
If the rip takes an exceedingly long time then the DMA issue is #1 culprit, followed by lack of free space on the HDD and/or a badly fragmented HDD.

[B]The Burn[/B]
On the burn side all the above apply with the additional problem of the firmware of many slightly older DVD burners not recognising some of the new 16x media that’s available.

So what part of the process is actually showing the problem?

I tried again with dvd fab platinum the first 9/10 ths of the movie copy fairly quickly but when I get 9.81%task time left 1 min it takes about 3hrs to get the next .01%.I always switch off then as I’me p’ off I’ve tried contacting fab support thats a laugh, p/off more.