Sure Thing Labeler(Lightscribe Option)



I just bought the deluxe Sure Thing 4.3.0196 Labeler software. Do i have to actually put in a lightscribe disc before the software program will see it? I was here at this helpful site showing how to choose cd/dvd lightscribe.

I have the option of cd/dvd cases, cd/dvd labels, but where the example shows cd/dvd lightscribe. I do not have that option. I just installed it and do i have to burn or have a lightscrive disc in my drive before i get that option?


I figured the problem out. I had no lightscribe software installed. When i installed Nero Suite and Nero something else(software with my Benq 1655), rebooted, it was there. Sure Thing read it and put it in there. In one of the Nero programs i unchecked everything on audio and video where it would not be my main default application. I am just use to Winamp and media player. I am going to download extended contrast and burn a cd and label and see how it performs. This is the first time i have ever used Nero and it looks pretty simple.


I just burned my first cd on the 1655 and it sounds great. I then put a Xmas pic of family on the cd and had all the song titles. I can see now if you label your disc with songs or text it will look better and do better on a light background. The lightscribe label is ok and a neat thing but i wish it had printed darker or more contrast. I have the newest driver from lightscribe and also i downloaded extended contrast.

Can i burn it again and will it be darker and will it not overlap in some places and overlay good? It took about 28 mins to lightscribe the label.


I burned the cd a second time and i like the first burn best. In dark areas it made the song labels hard to read or can’t read because it made things to dark and the worst thing, is hold it sideways to a lamp or light and it made round scratch or marks. Circle marks or scuffs around the cd.

So if you have the latest driver and extended contrast, i say lightscribe once and not twice. Here are a few places that help anyone just getting started on this.

If you want a lightscribe labeler or any label maker, i really like this Sure Thing labeler. Lightscribe is alright and a neat concept and i actually like it but it will be great if they take it past where it is now and add color to it someway. I know they have different color disc but i hope they can actually improve with color.