has closed down its BitTorrent service for good

More sites shut-down: Youceff Torrents ISO Hunt (not shutdown but served with a C&D order) Phoenix Torrents
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I just posted the article has closed down its BitTorrent service for good.

  Just  several days ago, the US film industry announced that it is preparing to sue the  operators of file sharing servers that assist with or offer unauthorised movies  across file sharing...
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While this is interesting news and all, how does it relate to optical media? In the reaction policy (which does not relate to news but even so) it clearly states: “Requests for downloads of anything that is not freeware, shareware, trial versions or copyright-free material (hence, no ISOs, Warez or MP3s that are protected by copyright). Any references to such activities will also lead to deletion of the topic” … so why do we get news items about such sites? If you think even 2% of suprnova’s users were purely legit your kidding yourself.

Yes that’s all nice and good jdub but as with probably most users we live in reality(if you know what i mean)I haven’t crammed 1,000 cd/dvds with family Photos/Videos. :wink:

People could download Linux ISO’s from suprnova and other sites and then burn them to media, I did it a number of times :slight_smile:

jdub, don’t be a c*ck!

[I]While this is interesting news and all, how does it relate to optical media?[/I] Well P2P networks, especially SuprNova assisted users with sharing content that was sourced from optical discs including music CDs, movie DVDs, application CDs and so on. Once users download movies and especially ISO images of applications, chances are that they will be recorded back to CD or DVD again. It is the equivalent to copying CDs with the exception that the source and destination discs are not at the same location. :stuck_out_tongue:

But Jdub does have a point. As long as they don’t enforce the policy, then I guess it doesn’t matter. is also gone. By far the best of the bittorrent sites.

[I]But Jdub does have a point. As long as they don’t enforce the policy, then I guess it doesn’t matter.[/I] No he doesn’t. Even though we focus heavily upon optical drives and media, we report on a variety of subjects in addition on the news page including but not limited to: legal matters, filesharing, codecs, etc. This is not a violation of policy to report the demise of the #1 filesharing app on the Internet. At one point a full third of the entire traffic of the internet was BitTorrent traffic. BitTorrent is one of our most talked about softwares on the P2P forum. People need to know what is going on with this software. I would like to remind everyone here that just prior to the legal download music services coming online, we saw a horrific legal attack unleashed on the public. I would not be surprised if we see BitTorrent go legit someday. It is without a doubt the most efficient means of transferring files via the Internet ever devised. To let this concept die would be a shame. Bram Cohen came up with an ingenious system that needs to be pursued and improved not killed. I can see game companies saving a fortune distributing their software. Even downloadable movies with DRM could use such a model.

AFAIK, this site has many mirror which might not be within the regime of that of RIAA/MPAA. Smoke.

But this isn’t news about Bittorrent itself, which is completely legal. Its about a piracy site being taken down. I guess it doesn’t matter though, since it is down…not really promoting piracy if the site linked to is dead :slight_smile:
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I say yeah w00hoooo i never liked bittorrents they are pretty much wasting away such great scripting to just distribute warez when it can be used and is being used for greater things like distributing game demos and hopefully soon legally distributing full games (which i bet steam might partially be using or will be using soon which would be a good idea) for sale. Hell who knows maybe one of these days websites wont be ran on servers in some building but on everyone’s computer. Which considering we are going the way of 400+ gig hd’s this dosn’t sound to shabby of an idea. Hell it might bring down the cost of the use of the internet. Although i know a lot of your paranoid people will not like your hd being used to partially store websites but there could be tons of things you could do to market. Like maybe if you want cheaper cable internet you can put a amount of hard drive space towards website handling while people who pay premium amounts don’t have to deal with that. Bittorrents is being wasted away though because people just want to download warez so thnx for ruining another great technology p2p dead bittorrent dead whats next?

What is the legality surrounding sharing torrents of TV shows that are currently airing? I was a huge fan of where I downloaded the latest episodes of Enterprise. Are there other torrent sites that offer tv show torrents or are they included in this area of illegality?

Isnt it funny how its all got to do with downloading movies, nothing mentioned about games or applications which in theory costs more to buy than a music cd or video dvd. Another example of monolopy dominance in the industry. :r

Ugg, Suprnova was my prime means of getting torrents. Second was Youceff and that’s gone too. Other than those two I only went to one other website with torrents, the MVGroup which only has educational files.

that sux! so which sites are left! :d

Never used bittorrent anyway, but it’s sad nevertheless…

seems like and are the only major ones left in my bookmarks :r

You’ll be happy to know that is still around :B :r
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