Suprnova announces eXeem: Bittorrent inspired file-sharing application

I just posted the article Suprnova announces eXeem: Bittorrent inspired file-sharing application.

  JPWRana used our news submit to tell us that the guys behind will continue  to spend time on file distribution but will change it focus from  offering torrents to the...
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exeem is proprietary and closed source. It’ll never take off as well as it would in an open source model. Look at Bram, he got a nice share of donations for creating BitTorrent so it’s possible to earn money in an open source model without forcing things down people’s throat.

using somehow the BitTorrent protocol while using a de-centralized network. Everyone is a tracker.

quote from source: Q: Will they have to pay for it? A: Its gonna be ad supported… A lot of adware in it is gonna be optional… Only the ones that really dont bother you at all and are unharmful (cydoor) are gonna be a must for it to work. :r

I Found EXEEM DL.If anybody wants it

Unless its Opensource, theres no point in supportting it, and it looks like the guys at suprnova wont bother with a Linux or a MacOS version. Probably the only way it’ll take off, if we disect the protocol and make our own client, with no ads or spyware.
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Apparently also this whole thing is funded by some company which will remain un-named, alot of crap if you ask me…another kazaa! For this to work its going to have to be open source otherwise the client is going to suck and improvments will be slow coming :frowning:

Adware. Filth. Buh Bye.

the funny thing is, I posted a message in the boards about this, about the ads, about being commercial and not opensourced, and my message got pulled so quickly, I guess its a touchy subject. heres what I posted. hmm I’m going to vent my annoyances and anger towards the handling to this product, hopefully I’m not going to offend anyone here. Why is this program closed source? The orginal Bittorrent is opensource, which spawned many different clients (thus creating the great bittorrent community). By close sourcing the program you’re closing your back on the community, sad really. Do you need to make money off P2P? Ok, If you cant open source Exeem atleast open the protocol up, so we can make alternative “ex**m compatible” clients on other unsupported operating systems, such as Linux, MacOS etc, that would be a nice gesture. We’ve heard it all before “exeem is like kazaa and bittorrent together”, but including ads and possibly(?) spyware, yup it definetly sounds like Kazaa, and how long will it be before we see a hacked copy of Exeem on the Exeem network, no doubt it will happen quickly. Ok, sure the product isnt officially out, But that doesnt make my statements less relevant. [00:07] [00:51] thanks for listening.