Supreme Justice halts ban on DVD copy codes

I just posted the article Supreme Justice halts ban on DVD copy codes.

Sandra Day O’connor threw out an emergency stay that was requested by the movie industry that was to stop Matthew Pavlovich (former webmaster) from posting DVD decryption programs on the net. The…

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Hollwood studios is getting very aggressive right from the start. The defense should argue that in the USA, we as citizens ARE entitled to 1 backup of every DVD we buy under USA law! The music industry spent tons of money to shut down Napster and in the final run, they LOST. If you don’t believe me then jump on p2p file sharing clients like KaZaA, iMesh or WinMX :8 Hollywood studios will LOSE this case despite what the judge rules (yipee).

It does not matter if the RIAA or someone else tries to stop people making backup copies. Because they do not produce anything worth buying. I do not buy anything now as its all rubbish… DVD…CD…VHS…ect! Its all SHITE. Ps Q. Why do seagulls fly upsidedown over the RIAA? A. Because they would not SHITE on them.

Shite is right! They bite! and you can say that all night!

Get real weenies…who the hell makes “backup” copies of DVDs they already own? You guys just make “backup” copies of DVDs you rent or borrow…who the hell do you think you’re kidding??? :d

There IS a reasonable arguement here -SouthernSon69: I have many scratched CDs & DVDs, therefore I do not understand why I am not legally afforded the right to protect MY investment/property (as I see fit,) from damage. Also, I do not understand why (redbook) standards are being ignored and corrupted in the name of copy-protection. If I buy a CD/DVD I do expect it to work as indicated - currently this is not the case! NB. The original CD format specs. did include protection functionality, however it was never used or developed … so its bit late to cry about that one then!!