Supreme court rules against Grokster and Streamcast



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the rampant misuse of filesharing apps, coupled with the absence of filtering
tools to stop illegal sharing of copyrighted works, the Supreme Court today sided with the copyright…

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Re-read the first paragraph, nothing has changed. The MPAA or RIAA have to prove that Grokster or p2p intended their software to be used for illegal purposes this ruling just left everything as it is, it changed nothing, just sidestepped making a prudent ruling. Grokster or p2p in particular can still exist as long as they continue to discourage users for using it for illegal purposes. The MPAA and RIAA still have to prove that p2p was developed to conduct or condone illegal services, they still have to prove intent, which still goes back to the user of p2p.


grokster won both district & 9th circuit, but failed on sc. what can i say…america, yeah!!! :d ps i hope those fellow americans who voted for bush are happy now; i am really thinking to change my party line from rep to dem


It was the dems that gave us the DMCA to begin with…


the decision is a blow to p2p users as it is decided that makers are liable for producing any devices/software that are intented for violating copyrights. because of this, makers can be threatened by copyrights cartel to adapt DRMs; maybe there will be another decision that without the DRM, makers are liable because non-DRMed products can encourage users to violate copyrights. broadcast flags can be forced similar way by copyright cartel. i make copies of dvd movies i own and use the copied disk to play them just because i don’t want to damage the original disks & i don’t want to see freaking ADs & FBI warnings


What did you expect? Fairness? From a “justice” (I use the term loosely) system totally owned by big business? Puhlleeeze. Just keep doing what you’re doing and ignoring them - as one person already pointed out, nothing has changed. Nor will it on either side.


So now ALL technological innovative products will be released first and only overseas. There will be little pools of green stagnant DRMA products that are all but useless in there bulky protection schemes available in the USA. All the really cool, sophisticated, and desirable gadgets and software will be distributed in the rest of the world and the USA will be like a bunch of old grannys sitting around watching the rest of the world go by.


I feel that this desision actually helps out consumers. We in the US no longer have to fear the “rath” of the RIAA. They will now go back to suing the P2P companies. But the good thing is, is that we can always find somewhere to get our music or movies because the RIAA or MPAA can’t shut down services that are overseas.


Everything is made in China anyway. So where do you live where there are no laws to protect the artists? US laws become world laws for some reason, I wish that was not the case but for some reason it does seem to happen that way. Spend the money you would spend on CD or DVDs by supporting instead.


So does this mean gun manufactures are in trouble in the high court now? Because I hear the users of their hardware have been killing people.


Only in America can it be legal for stores to sell bongs (something that has absolutely no LEGAL use) but a company who makes a p2p program that could have some legal uses can be sued into the ground. Wake up America…it doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat…both sides are OWNED by big businesses.


Can’t help thinking, who cares? Groskters been near death for ages now. I know theres a nock effect for other software but as the latest stuff doesn’t require servers its in a different category and will have to go through the same legal stuff again . . . plus as everyone knows the best p2p is eMule which is German so i wont be loosing any sleep at night :stuck_out_tongue:


Siswell - it’s not that we care about grokster, but its more that the supreme court ruled against filesharing. If they have done it once, they can do it again…


Well, it seems there will always be some people who favor in this decision while some others are not. Anyhow, we all need to respect the majority especially the supreme court’s decision, after all, they have nothing to do with whoever’s in charge of the white house. And in my personal opinion, P2P is illegal, obviously. But who cares, we still do it anyway, don’t we?


Nothing to do with who’s in the white house? Who do you think appoints them. The repugs have been in power for most of my life, and I’m 43yo. You are in la la land if you think thats dems are more controlling than the repugs. THis ruling is all about rebulican bif buisiness control at the cost of your freedom. With two justices set to be replaced in the next few years, the already right leaning supreme court will shift even farther right. THEY HAVE LIFE TIME APPOINTMENTS PEOPLE. Wake up!


Isn’t it entirely possible, the Supreme court is a bought commodity? Decisions are getting more and more leaning toward money. Ohh, the humanity, spoiled by (insert your money type here).


They have life time job that means no one can touch them so their decisions are not biased. Have faith bro. If it’s a bad decision, it will be overruled later when the next judge thinks the other way.