Supreme Court intervenes in DVD copying case

I just posted the article Supreme Court intervenes in DVD copying case.

According to Digital Mass and the Associated Press, the Supreme Court of the United States has entered the fray in the legal battle over the right to make copies of DVD’s. This will probably mean a…

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Quick! Somebody make a mirror site of all the great guides on Doom9! :wink:

Even if copying programs are made illegal in the USA, they will just be posted on sites in other countries and people in the USA can just download them from the sites in other countries. This better be able to be the case or I will be so pissed off, if copying programs were allowed to be banned world wide like international laws. International laws regarding this would suck big time!!!

the previous article on cablevision suggests that surf monitoring might become a reality. how would they know if we r using winmx? they would have to monitor users activities. this suggests that downloading from international sites might not be so easy for u.s. consumers. the whole thing is way out of hand. the internet use to represent freedom & the spirit of sharing & giving. now its a bunch of animated gifs…

Most ISPs offer news group access and those that don’t you can subscribe to Critical Path and get them. Since the news groups will always be there, then there will always be a way to get your software.

TheTarbaby: you’re the one who called someone who copies something and gives it to a friend a pirate. That is just bullshit you jack ass. Someone who copies something and gives it to a friend is not a pirate plain and simple. They are just a normal everyday person and are just as innocent as a 2 year old child who gets kidnapped!!!

screw them… we should decide by a vote on the case.

to wolverine18… so people who copy money and give it to their friends and fuck a countrys economy in the process are no more guilty than a kidnapped 2 year old…funny I thought it was counterfeiting…??? I think what the majority of us are about here is the right to make BACKUPS you moron !!!.. I’m no angel…I do it…but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s prolly is a duck…copying and dispensing said copies is illegal (if ya get caught :slight_smile: )…:7

Counterfeiting money is wrong. Copying music, movies, and software is not: plain and simple. The law that makes it even illegal to copy something copyrighted you did not create is what is wrong. Just because something is a law does not mean it is right. By saying copying something, I don’t mean money, I mean music, movies, and software. Someone who copies music, movies, and software in my mind is as innocent as a 2 year old kidnapped child. Someone who makes counterfeit money is not. It’s plain and that simple.

My vision for a better world: 1) Everyone stops buying movies and music. 2) The companies that produce the music and movies all go broke. 3) We all sit back and appreciate the millions of pre-existing creative works that are burried in the vaults of TV and radio stations. 4) We never have to hear about wealthy companies bitching about the raw deal they’re getting ever again.

Thanks wolverine18… Ya cleared that up for me… where th’ fuck have I been ???..:7

I would like to see movie and music companies stop making CD, tape, VHS, DVD, etc. and instead concentrate on Blu-ray or something like that. When most potential movie and music entertaining consumers get a Blu-ray recorder, they can then switch to even better technologies.

Wolverine, judging from all your posts, you are a pirate, plain and simple. You obviously don’t have any care for intellectual property, nor anything that is not “physical”, in your words. You would obviously think differently if you’re Tom Hanks, Steven Speilberg, Bryan Adams, or any entertainment figure, Bill Gates or any software programmers for that matter.

The supreme court need to answer the question of whether or not you own something that you have paid your money for! The movie, audio and software industries are the only ones that sell you something that you don’t own? Can you imagine Toyota telling you that you can never change the radio in your vehicle because their name is on it? even if it paid in full! Hey, Zippo just sent me a letter that says that I can only fill my lighter 5 times then I have to pay them again if I want to refill it.:slight_smile: This is bullshit, do you own what you pay for or not? They can’t have it both ways. If they want to own it forever then they can’t sell it to you

animecabbit, I’m not a pirate. I don’t copy things and sell them. I do have care for intellectual property when it comes to profit copying. I just don’t have care for intellectual property when it comes to free copying. I believe that the duplication of copyrighted music, movies, and software should only be illegal if you sell it for a profit, not if you copy it for your own use or for free.

So another words I want laws regarding commercial duplication of copyrighted materials. I want it to be completley legal to copy and trade with friends.

There are 2 main problems: 1. Price is too high 2. Quality is too low

Wolverine18: Once again you proved that you really know nothing about law. If you make a copy of a song or program and give it to a friend that NEVER bought it and you give it to them for free, that is STILL pirating. It doesn’t matter if everyone does that on a daily basis. What would you do if you worked your a$$ off on a program and sold it for $100. Now, someone made a copy of it and gave it to all their friends for free, let’s say 7 people got it. You would be out $700. Now those 7 people each do the same for 7 more people - do you see where this is going? That one person started a chain reaction and now you would be out tens of thousands of dollars. Do you still think this is fair? Consumers should have the right to make backup copies of products they own for safety reasons.

Intellectual property should be for free. The nature of it was born to be free becuase it can be copied. Someone who copies something and gives it to a friend is no different than a person who did not copy it, and did not buy it. A person who receives a copy from a friend should be looked at as no different than a person who just didn’t buy it. Once again it would make no difference if you just didn’t but the software. Intellectual property is not the same as physical property, so I believe you split the difference: You make it illegal to copy and sell someone elses work, but if you copy someone elses work for free, I don’t think that should be considered a problem. Intellectual property is not as valuable as physical property, so that’s why you split the difference and compromise and make it only illegal if you sell it for a profit. If someone copies a logo, it is not considered illegal unless you sell it for a profit. The same should be looked at upon music, movies, and software. Copying is copying whether it’s music, movies, software, art, or logo. And the bottom line in my mind is if you copy someone elses work and sell it for a profit, that is wrong, but if you do it for free, that is not wrong regardless of what type of thing it is you copy.

Wolverine18, jus let me wade in here again… Copying and selling = illegal, copying and giving away = legal… who pays for the technology that stops you crossing the line = consumer… lets do some maths here… Greedy Corps + bad media/artist/game + big media hype = Large profits + screwed consumer ( this is their maths …we don’t like their maths) Greedy corp (lets face it they don’t come any other way) + GOOD artist/media/game = reasonable profit + reasonably happy consumer + mebbe less commercial piracy…:7