Suppressing background audio

I’m trying to find a way to “get rid” of the background audio track (music, explosions, etc) while keeping intact the foreground audio (the voices, if “foreground” is what that’s called.) I’ve searched the internet in vain for about forty-five minutes. Does anyone know of any programs that could accomplish this. I’d even settle for away to simply mute (or almost mute) the background audio, just as long as the foreground audio was relavtively unmolested by the background track.

I think you might be asking for the impossible. Supperssion can be based on frequency or apmlitude and either way if the “foreground” sound falls within parameters shared by the “background” sound then it too will be supressed. At least with current consumer technology.

www.enhancedaudio has restoration tools (forensic) that work on most anything but the cost might be prohibitive.